Our DigiLocal approach on how we can help you improve your digital marketing

Our DigiLocal experts take the following steps to ensure you gain the best ROI.
We can help your business develop more customers through this well thought-out,
result driven strategy.

Step One

Free Business Analysis & Meeting

DigiLocal will conduct a full review of your business and the steps it needs to take to improve. This may also include talking to your current suppliers to fully understand what your current commitments are.

Researching Your Business

Our team will carry out 4 hours of research, looking at your website, search engine rankings and social media activity.


We will discuss what improvements can be made to your business and what we are doing for our current clients.

Agreeing a Plan

The approach we need to take with the client going forward.

Step Two

Agree Business Objectives

We will conduct a more comprehensive fact find of the business to fully understand the business goals and also the industry research we need to develop to create the right website and online marketing campaigns going forward.

Fact Finding Mission

We will have a detailed meeting with you in order to understand your business fully.

Your Business Objectives

Agree your business goals and what types of customers you want to attract.

Industry Research

Our team will do a keyword analysis of your industry, so that we can attract the right visitors to your business.

Step Three

Create a New Website (If needed)

Unfortunately, 95% of the clients we work with will need to have their websites re-developed. This is due to poor web design, a lack of researched content being present, compatibility issues with different devices or poor on page SEO set-up.

Website Design & Content Writing

Our design team will put together a beautiful website with researched content to compliment your business.

Compatibilty & Responsiveness

Your website will now be compatible on computers, tablets and mobiles.

Website Management

We will fully manage all changes and updates to the website (dependent on hours remaining), including hosting, plugins, and domain name.

Step Four

Activate Online Marketing Campaigns

DigiLocal will help its clients develop more customers through increased online presence via the main search engines. This will be done through agreed PPC campaigns and generating industry related content and articles.

Pay Per Click Advertising

DigiLocal will customise and fully manage all PPC campaigns for its clients.

Organic Listing Service

We will help your company improve its organic search rankings by developing industry related articles.

Step Five

Start Posting on Social Media Platforms

We will help our clients to develop their social media presence by posting regular articles and links on all the main platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media Management

We will promote your business by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and on any other platform.

Improved SEO

Most businesses will improve their overall search rankings by actively using their social media platforms.

Step Six

Assess Website Traffic to Improve ROI

The Analytics software will help us identify the most relevant visitors to your business website. We can then use this information to make efficiency improvements to your online marketing campaigns and overall ROI.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to recognise exactly what traffic your website is generating.

Analytical Research

Our research will determine what changes we need to make to your online marketing strategy to maximise returns.

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